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October 8, 2010
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Sketch: the trio of underdogs by trainingartist Sketch: the trio of underdogs by trainingartist
I just finished this sketch after 3 days. School work is slowing me down a lot. D:

I was initially planning to colour this sketch in digitally, but since my tablet is acting screwy now, I'll do so later. Then I'll submit it, depending on the outcome.

From left to right: Zarrine, Topaz and Stella.
Get ready to read or skip a whole lot of info for their bios.

- Zarrine is a 14-going-on-15 girl who acts like a boy more than a girl. Similar to the nature of her power over fire, her temper is horribly short, and her bite is much, much worse than her bark.
- She's on the track and field team in school, one of the faster members around. But she's barred from joining any competitions until she gets at least a C+ for her maths.
- She controls fire as a primary power, and shape-shifting as a secondary (weaker) power. She chose to abandon the secondary power and focus on the primary one. This makes Topaz worried and disappointed.
- Her power works like this: anything that is combustible will catch fire at her will. She can't hold flames in her hands, or else she'd end up burning herself. Her amulet ( [link] ) can undergo combustion too, without burning itself out.
- Topaz and Stella learnt a lot of vulgarities while they were with her.
- She's hydrophobic. Throw water on her and she'll scream. As for the water she drinks, she drinks carefully. She won't dare to drink from water coolers because of the risk of getting her shirt wet.
- Oh yeah, she can't swim either. She even stays away from shallow swimming pools.
- Her family makes up part of the poorer category in her country. She takes a job in secrecy to make sure her younger sisters can still go to school with some pocket money.
- Her mother disapproves of Zarrine taking a job when she brought up the subject. She wants her daughter to focus on her studies more. Only her older brother knows that she's working as a cashier at a watch shop near her school.
- Zarrine's strongest subject is biology. Mainly because she's influenced by her mother's job as a general practitioner (doctor). She pretty much flunks every other subject.
- Crimson ( [link] ) is her doppelgänger (no surprise there).

-Topaz is a 15-year-old princess from another dimension. She was assigned to go to Earth from her mother to guide two teens whose powers were coming out. The assignment was meant to teach her to be humble despite her high position.
- It's not working so well. She acts bossy around the other two while training them how to use their powers.
- She has a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for hygiene. She carries a pair of gloves and hand sanitisers wherever she goes. Taking the Earth subway has been one of her worst nightmares to date.
- Being shorter than the other two, she has to tip-toe to raise her head to a level above theirs, just to remind them who's the real leader of this pathetic team.
- Mature and (somewhat) patient, she's a good listener. As long as you're not too close to her. She's afraid of getting saliva on herself when people talk.
- She has a great liking for nature, especially plants in greenhouses because it's a lot cleaner than those in a forest.
- Her primary power is earth, and her secondary power is water. She dislikes water though, and like Zarrine, is a little hydrophobic. Her power is used to prevent herself from getting wet (and possibly pranking Zarrine too). Her amulet is diamond-shaped.
- Her alias is Natalie, a British exchange student who's enrolled in the same school as Zarrine and Stella. She finds the curriculum on Earth too easy, but her grades say otherwise.
- Her accent sounds British too. Stella is impressed by this.
- She prefers Literature to Science and Maths. She also plays the piano pretty well. Of course, she gets the piano keys sanitised first.
- She sees Zarrine as a heartless creature who's being corrupted by the darker parts of society. She sees Stella as one of the most impossibly cheerful girls she's encountered as of yet.
- As for her home on Earth, she's staying over at the guest room in Stella's place.
- Her doppelgänger is Ruby.

- Stella is a 15-year-old girl who has rich parents. She's a social butterfly in her school, fangirling over Korean celebrities and is the best person to go to for hearing the latest rumours around the school.
- She follows trends, and hence changes her wardrobe frequently. Her father is angry. Her mother is supporting her.
- She's Asian. Chinese, to be exact. She has lost touch with her culture, except mooncakes during mid-autumn festival and red packets (hong-bao) during Chinese New Year.
- She's very naive. Not to mention childish. Zarrine finds her irritating, Topaz is worried for her.
- Her powers include manipulating air (if air is present, i.e. no bubbles underwater) as a primary power, and telepathy as a secondary power. She's not smart enough to use the secondary power though, and not smart enough to wear shorts instead of a skirt while flying. Her amulet is hexagon-shaped.
- Topaz is practically her mother while she's in public. Stella is an obedient daughter.
- She likes Zarrine despite the bad treatment she's getting from her. She says that her rebellious nature is cool.
- She works well with instructions. Letting her handle a situation with a lack of instructions will be your biggest mistake.
- She's hyperactive, even while sleeping. Her arms and legs will inevitably punch and kick any partner sleeping next to her.
- Upon discovering her powers, she was too delighted to realise that responsibility comes with it. If it weren't for Topaz's guidance, she'd be soaring in the skies long enough for someone to spot her.
- Her grades in school consist of low passes only.
- Her doppelgänger is Ria.

Overall, they're a group that's likely to destroy themselves before defeating the enemy if they go out to battle now.

Tools used: Just a mech. pencil and eraser.

Notice that Stella's personality is the most vague one here. I'll work on it as time goes by, I promise.

Zarrine, Topaz and Stella belong to me.
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Thanks! :D
AnonymouslyUnNamed Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010  Student General Artist
Heh, I can't help liking them. ^^ I think for Topaz, the germ phobic tendency gives just the right touch. Generally with all of them, the little details make them less archetype but not so much that they would be unbelievably awesome, thus protecting their underdog/'loser' image. Great job on all their backstory too. ^^
trainingartist Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks. :D
I didn't have any germ phobic characters before I decided to put in that trait for Topaz, then I thought that it would be appropriate, since she was probably raised in a clean environment. :XD:
Kare-Valgon Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Student Filmographer
they all look very cool :D

i love how you do the hair x3
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Good job.
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